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How to Schedule Your Free Trial Class: 

On this page click "view/hide" next to the Free Trial Classes info link to the left.  

*Please note we ask for at least 2 days notice for trials to ensure we can accommodate your child in the class you wish to attend. 

How to Register:

After scheduling and attending your Free Trial Class, inform the Front Desk Staff of your decision to enroll. 

The Front Desk Staff will direct you in how to complete the required paperwork.

Front Desk Staff will collect your signed and initialed registration and gym policies form, as well as payment for the Annual Membership Fee and first month's tuition.  *The first month's tuition will be prorated according to how many weeks are left in the payment month as listed on our 4-week tuition month breakdown calendar. 

Upon arrival for first official class (after the initial trial class), stop at the Front Desk to pick up a pink slip.  This slip will be given to the coach of your new HITS class to let them know you have officially enrolled.

*Should you decide to wait to enroll, HITS asks that you call prior to showing up for your first official day of class.  Class ratios change daily and should you not enroll the day of your trial class, we cannot guarantee a spot in the class at a later date. 

Come join the fun! Call 839-4494 for a FREE TRIAL CLASS!

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