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Below is a response to hotel/condo recommendations:

There are so many wonderful places to stay on our island.  Everyone has such different needs, therefore, historically it has always been difficult to draw everyone to one particular host hotel.  This year is no different.  There are many chains of hotels that offer a variety of amenities and price ranges.  I encourage you to search for, .....they offer 5 different hotels of various price points and they've always proven to treat our guests well.   

If you are looking for more of a condo-style accommodation, there is the Aston chains:  Aston Waikiki Sunset and Aston Waikiki Banyan, they also offer group rates per their website.  My family from California stayed at the Aston Waikiki Sunset with their Softball team and were very happy.

The Imperial of Waikiki is also an option, they may offer a special rate for our event.  The contact for this hotel is one of our parents, Bryan Ayakawa.  Please contact him to inquire about their rates.  

Bryan Ayakawa:

Website is

**It is always best to inquire about the amenities that these different hotels have to offer to better suit your individual needs.
Your best resource is the web.  Waikiki is the most popular place to stay, however, there are bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals in other areas if you'd rather go that route.
 If there is any more information that you need, I'm happy to point you in the right direction.   

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